Mom’s the Word!


As it is Mother’s Day, it seemed fitting to post something about my mom.  My beautiful mom.  My mom is loving, gorgeous, and powerful.  She fights for me more than I fight for myself.  She loves the Lord in the way that I want to love the Lord.  She does what’s right, and she looks good while she’s doing it.
Here is a list of three things I love about my mom:

1. She follows the Lord.

It does not matter whether it’s something she wants to do or not, my mom does whatever the Lord asks of her.  It’s not that she’s perfect-it’s that she PURSUES the Lord’s heart.  It’s that she tries.  Her heart is after the Lord, and that’s what causes her hand and head to follow.  Not only does she follow the Lord, but she loves Him, she trusts Him, and she honors Him.  She keeps a journal of everything the Lord has done in her life JUST so that she can read it to herself when she’s having trouble remembering how faithful He is.  I so want to be like that.

2.  She loves me.

This sounds totally cheesy, but it’s true.  When I’m upset about something, my mom is even MORE upset.  She will do whatever is possible to cheer me up when I’m sad.  She has sat on the floor and cried with me when I felt like my heart was breaking over something hard.  My mom made numerous phone calls to ensure that I would get the scholarship I had worked for.  She prays for me when I take tests, she feeds me (this is important-I get really hungry sometimes), and–even though I’m a big kid–she lets me sit in her lap while she watches TV.  AAAHH!!!  She’s just the bestest.

3. She’s cool.

My mom isn’t normal.  She’s AWESOME.  She listens to Switchfoot, shops at Anthropologie, and wears funky clothes.  When she finds out something’s unhealthy, she doesn’t just avoid it.  She makes RADICAL diet changes.  She juices vegetables and bakes flourless cakes.  She wears cool shoes and loves vintage jewelry.  Her hair is curly and fun (she likes it fluffy), her eyes are bright and blue, and her smile is precious.  She’s adorable.  She likes crazy adventures and walking on the beach.  She wears huge hats in the summer and laughs even when she’s crying.

I love my mom.  Mommy, I know I didn’t get you anything for Mother’s Day, but I love you like crazy.  You’re one of my biggest role models and my best friend. Stop being so gorgeous and great ;). Actually, don’t. XD


Carlye ❤

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