Sweet Summer Time

Here’s a list of things that, if it’s The Lord’s will, I want to accomplish before returning to school. It’s time for a last minute rush for fun before I need to do homework again. 🙂

-host a tea party
I really really REALLY want to do this. I LOVE tea parties. A bright room with table set and beautiful pastries on a tray in the center. Everyone dressed up in pretty, light frocks, with hair and makeup done. *sigh*. It is one of my favorite things. And I have an adorable recipe book that I’ve been dying to try out (thanks, Donya!!).
-sing a little
I may try to write and record while I’ve got some free time. We’ll see what The Lord does. 🙂
-read a book, just for fun
No, not a text book. Not a syllabus. Not a paper.
A book. The kind you check out from the library for a week and then return. You know..that kind. I miss libraries a little :).
-have some girl time
My sister and mom are just brimming with too-good-to-be-true humor and fun. I’m hoping for some extra laugh time spent with chocolate around the corners of our mouths, so that one of us can inevitably wet her pants, and the others can shriek with hysteria. Heehee :).
There’s this incredible sale on ModCloth.com right now…umm..yeah.
-spend time with The Lord
It’s so important that- while life is easy- we focus on walking with The Lord. That way, when things get hard, we’ve already got our hearts set in the right place. I definitely could stand to walk this one out a little more. Even though I’ve got time to spend, I need to remember that my life is not my own. It’s all about the King. So, even while I’m playing around, I need to live for–and pursue–Jesus.

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