There’s a quote in a movie that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone that states (awkwardly, in context):

No, I like you. Just as you are.

(Bridget Jones’s Diary)

Although the movie does contain inappropriate things and some language–and, for these reasons, I don’t anticipate re-watching it–it contains a lot of beautiful messages, such as the one that comes through in the quote above (and in scenes relating to that quote). I often think of this quote and about how much I would like to be liked “just as I am.” How precious is that? There’s not much that attains to the level of value that love given to someone “just as they are” has.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I’ve been wanting to dye my hair a sort-of reddish color. I’ve felt semi-bored with my in my mind forever short, brown hair, which I can’t style or put up or keep out of my eyes without pins.

Today I was looking through Instagram and spotted a picture of an acquaintance of mine with naturally red hair. I started thinking about how beautiful she was and about how I hoped to be that beautiful one day, too, when I heard The Lord say,

Be yourself. That’s the most beautiful person you can ever be.

So, for a few minutes, I was on this kick where I thought inspiring things to myself such as, “I don’t need to change my hair or skin to be beautiful; I’m beautiful just as I am!!” I was even questioning dying my hair! Then, later in the night, I made a self-degrading comment about me looking bad and slightly chubby in a photo. Huh.

May we always walk in such a way so as to show that we know Whose we are, and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139)! I know I want to live it out- not forget it after a couple of hours.

God, thank you that you’ve made us perfectly gorgeous just as we are. Please help us live in the humble confidence of people who know to Whom they belong, and that He has made them all beautiful just as they are. Thank You that we don’t have to change ourselves to be lovable.

In Jesus’ name,

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