Life Update

Hi Blog World,
It’s nice to talk to you again.

I’m not even sure where to start! So much has changed, even though-really-very little has. My heart has changed.

I’ve been walking through a new season- one that I haven’t been in a while. It’s just been a time of learning to chase the Lord and walk closely with Him. More than that, it’s been a time of me obeying Him and realizing that He really is all I need!

Often, when I sing songs in church, I feel a tinge of guilt (which is totally not from the Lord) when I sing something I’m not sure that I 100% mean. Of course, I want to honestly mean all the words and really believe that “Nothing is Impossible,” that “He is faithful,” and that He is “all I want,” but I’m not always totally confident that I do. This is especially true when I sing songs of devotion to the Lord about being focused and desirous of Him in whatever season I’m walking through.

Can I just say that it’s super hard for me to be honest with the Lord in that area?! Almost every time I sing “None but Jesus,” I’m inwardly convincing myself that there is no one else for me! Then, something changed.

A sudden shift in my relationship status led me to focus on The Lord…because I kind of had to. And, you know? It still wasn’t super easy. But, as the days have gone by, and I’ve realized that Jesus has taken up the role of my close friend, I’ve discovered that I really only want Him. Whatever facade I put on for other people fades away and becomes silly in God’s presence. He’s so glorious and authentically awesome that all my fakeness falls apart as I look up at Him.

Woah. I’m blown away by Jesus. God, let me be humbled by Your love continually and captivated by You always. You are so worth all of my time and my life and my heart. You are so nice. I love you, Father.

You are magnificent! You are magnificent! You are my Rescuer!

~Rend Collective

I’ve counted up the cost. Oh, I’ve counted up the cost. Yes, I’ve counted up the cost, and You are worth it.

~Rend Collective

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