GOOD Morning!

Well, it’s Wednesday, and it’s beautiful outside.

This morning began with me half-convincing myself to get out of bed and half-deciding I didn’t want to get up for school. Once I had torn myself away from my blankets and stuffed bunny, I had a quick quiet time on my bedroom floor.

So, here’s what I got the chance to read and worship to this morning:

Praise- Joy (Rend Collective)
Worship- Boldly I Approach (The Art of Celebration) (Also Rend Collective)
Word- Psalm 27

It was really quick (about 15 minutes), but it gave me such a great start to my day! If you don’t already have a daily time with the Lord, I would totally recommend that you start your day with one from now on! A good thing to start with if you really feel like you have NO TIME or don’t know what to do at all is to try a devotional. I recommend Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It’s written from the perspective of God to you, with related Scriptures noted at the bottom. It’s totally prophetic– because when God speaks, it’s always prophetic– and I read it almost every morning. This helps me start my day with Jesus. It’s changed my day- and my life!

So, try this week to spend a few minutes with The Lord every morning. Let His heart and sweetness and gentleness just rush over you and focus your eyes on Him afresh. It’s in times like those that I realize that Jesus is all I want- which helps me fight temptation throughout the day. If I don’t have that time with The Lord, it’s almost like I forget what I’m missing and all of the riches of His goodness that He has to offer me!

So try doing a quiet time- even if it’s just for a minute or two! If possible, I feel it’s best to do it BEFORE you leave the house. This can help prevent things like frustration and sadness..and road rage ;).

Have a great day!

Jesus loves you!


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