Take a Look at Me Now

As I was scrolling through Facebook today, I thought of a friend from elementary school and typed his name in the search bar.  His profile page is full of pictures of him with a beautiful girl that he seems to have been with for a couple of years.  I noticed he and I had a mutual friend from elementary school and clicked on her page next.  This girl had grown up to be gorgeous and seemed successful as well.  I closed Facebook.  What would my elementary school friends think if they looked at MY Facebook page now?  Would I look successful?  Would I shock them with the beauty and coolness I’d grown into?  I considered changing my profile picture to some flawless photo of myself looking like a supermodel so that they’d all be wowed.  (I tried to take a photo like this…it didn’t work out.). I thought about the things I posted and wondered if they would all think they were stupid.  Then a thought popped in my head:

Don’t worry about what others think of you and be yourself.

I think it was the Lord, and I felt super comforted…but at the same time, I was thinking, if I posted that on my Facebook right now, what would my elementary school friends think?  That I’ve become super spiritual and that all I ever post about is God now?

I hope so.

Jesus, I give you my view of what I think is cool and valuable, as well as my definition of success.  Please forgive me for thinking that loving You isn’t as cool as other things.  Thank You that I can be a single girl who is still working on achieving her dreams and is in love with You, and You love me as I am.  Thank You for making me valuable and for valuing me.  I love You.  You’re worth it. ❤️


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