When my mom makes a cake, it takes a while.  She doesn’t just put ingredients in a bowl and pop it in the oven for a random amount of time.  There is a lot of preparation and wait time involved.  The process is long…and kind of excruciating for those of us in desperate need of cake.  While it is possible to eat the cake before it’s ready, or to try to cut corners in terms of steps or ingredients, the cake really is only at its best when you follow the recipe and wait for its baking time to be completed.

When you’re waiting on the Lord to answer a prayer or fulfill a desire of your heart, it’s like waiting for a cake to be taken out of the oven.  You’ve been promised something amazing, and you know that the plan has been set in motion, but you’re not seeing any results.  So you sit on a bar stool near the oven, waiting for the timer to ring, wondering if all the wait time is really necessary.  As the time ticks by, it’s tempting to think that maybe The Lord has forgotten about your dream and is just going to let it burn in the oven, while you stand by waiting.

Friends, the Lord is an expert chef, and He will never forget about you.

One day soon you’ll be sitting on that bar stool, and out of nowhere you’ll hear a timer go off.  Startled–with a thrill of hope in your chest–you’ll look up to see the Lord run into the kitchen with His oven mitts on.  He’ll open the oven, take a look at what He’s made and say,  “It’s gonna be a good one.”

For The Lord loves justice; He will not forsake His saints. (Psalm 37:28a)

Delight yourself in The Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

3 thoughts on “Cake

  1. I looooove this! I like how you said that the Lord isn’t going to let our dreams burn. So cool. Really I just like the whole thing. Thanks for sharing :)))

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