Thoughts/Ideas on Living for God

I feel I’ve been so focused recently on what I want and what I’m doing, and I really want to start seeking to honor God instead of myself. So here are some ideas and thoughts I’ve had recently about living for God–just kind of wanted to put them somewhere.

  • Not everyone needs to know the things you’re working on or how good you’re being. It’s for God’s glory, not yours (as tempting as it is). Don’t make your worship a show.
  • Try to choose one person to show extra love to each week. Go out of your way to be intentional and show that you care.
  • Don’t wait for more free time–the time to seek to honor God is now. (This is one I just realized, and I wish I’d thought about sooner. I just finished one of my last exams for medical school and my friend prayed that I would be able to use my free time to honor God. I thought she’s right!! I should do that with all my free time! And then I realized…I should have been doing that all along.)
  • If you’re married, writing down something you’re thankful for (especially things your spouse does or says) each day can be a blessing. Looking back and seeing how they’ve loved you is encouraging, especially when you have a hard day.
  • Don’t let your feelings or circumstances determine what you believe is true–let the Word be what tells you is true. (This is one I got from the podcast titled “The Incomparable Love of God” by Every Woman’s Grace. Highly recommend their series on Romans.)
  • Find solid books to read about following Jesus– some I’ve recently heard recommended include “A Gospel Primer,” “Desiring God,” and “When People are Big and God is Small.” I also love “The Excellent Wife” and “Lies Women Believe.” They are challenging, but worthy, reads.
  • Don’t let disagreements make you hate someone. This is especially important in our current time. As believers, we must love our enemies–even if they are wrong, unkind, or very evil.

These are just a few thoughts and ideas for now based on some things I’ve been learning. I hope they can be helpful to you in your walk with Jesus.

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